Custom-made corner bookcase and desk

This custom-made solid beech corner cabinet was designed and manufactured by Nathalie as part of her professional activity.

The left part of the cabinet accommodates a desk top on measure in butted beech (natural quality) 180 x 77 x 4 cm as well as drawers and shelves. The right part is a bookcase 2.20m high spanning nearly 3m (298cm).

To make this custom-made corner desk / bookcase, Nathalie combined different types and thicknesses of beech panels:
- premium beech panels (jointed slats) 2.6cm thick for the uprights
- rustic beech panels (continuous slats) 2cm thick for the shelves
- natural beech panels (butted slats) of 1.8cm thick for the drawer fronts

All the uprights have been machined to accommodate racks allowing the shelves to be positioned at will.

Everything has been varnished except for the worktop which has been vitrified.

Note: The photo showing the whole project was taken in panoramic format, hence the impression of rounding.

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